Technics RPDH1200
Category: Headphones

The Panasonic Technics RP-DH1200 model is an expensive, high-end set of headphones designed specifically for the professional CD mixing DJ. The RP-DH1200 headphones encompass high frequency response and design specific to DJ's, including durability standards to ensure the headphones withstand rigorous audio and persistent standards in modern club environments.

Technics RPDJ1200
Category: Headphones

With its large driver unit and free-style flexibility allows the speaker housing to swing into a comfortable monitoring position. Folds for easy transportation and comes with a carrying pouch as well. Designed and developed with heavily perspiring club DJs in mind, the RP-DJ1200s are sweat-proof, splash proof and have earpiece arms that swivel back up into the headband. This is good for stowage (draw-string pouch supplied) and that cool thing DJs do when they monitor with just one earpiece.The single-piece headband is well padded and exerts a vice-like caliper grip so that the super-squidgy ear pads form an airtight coupling.

Category: Headphones

Like most of our products, the NS900 was created to satisfy our own wants and needs. Something was missing from the DJ headphones we used while playing, and we wanted to create a product with a suite of features that filled this gap.

The NS900 as it stands today took two years to develop.  Over that 24-month period, the headphones went through a number of different designs.  We were determined not to stop until every necessary function was included, and until the functions worked together to enhance the product’s performance.  This dedication to cohesiveness, the idea that the sum is greater than the whole of its parts, is the essence of the NS900.

The materials were inspired by products in our own environment, product we used in our everyday life. Nothing was left for randomness, the sandblasted/high polished/brushed stainless screw is a proof of that. We are extremely proud of the final outcome of the NS900, this is what we always wanted in a professional DJ headphone.

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