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Pioneer DJ DJM 750-K
Category: Pioneer DJ

Pioneer’s new DJM-750 four-channel digital mixer takes FX manipulation to another level: the new Boost Colour FX adds a second effect to the Sound Colour FX in play, and lets DJs change the parameters depending on how fast they twist the dial. The mixer boasts 13 Beat FX with a dedicated Level/Depth knob for tactile control of the wet/dry mix. Like the DJM-850, the latest addition has a built-in high-quality USB sound card to enable simultaneous input and output with no deterioration of sound quality – so connection to laptops needs just one USB cable, for instant mixing with DJ software.

Ortofon OM Pro S
Category: Ortofon

OM Pro S entry-level cartridge

New DJ? This entry-level cartridge is perfect for newcomers on the DJ scene who want to start  off with decent, but not too expensive equipment.


The Pro S has a spherical diamond stylus which minimizes scratching and a solid cantilever which can survive hectic activity at the turntable.


No matter what the application, the Pro S provides remarkable versatility for virtually any setting.


The sound quality is absolutely not to worry about.


The Pro S is a consistent performer and a fine all-arounder!

Category: Odyssey

Our Flight Ready® Series Effects Rack protects up to 6U of your valuable rackmount gear. Features include dual rack rails (front and rear), stackable ball corners, rubber feet, spring loaded handle, and removable front and rear covers.

Pioneer DJ DJM 2000 Nexus
Category: Pioneer DJ

The brand new DJM-2000 is our most powerful performance mixer and is the perfect match for the new industry-standard CDJ-2000 digital decks.

With an innovative touch screen and arsenal of remixing FX, the DJM-2000 forms the ultimate club mixer. No less than six individual effects processors lay the foundation for hundreds of music manipulation combinations, so a DJ can always create their own unique sound.

The new DJM-2000 takes advanced features – thought only possible in software – and reinvents them in the physical world. Its intuitive layout will feel natural to existing Pioneer DJM users allowing creativity to flow whilst keeping its technical complexity under the skin.

Ortofon Fingerlift for Concorde MK2
Category: Ortofon

Exchangeable reinforced finger lift

• Tapered shape, robustness where needed

• Metal ring is “unbroken”

• Colour options: Red, Black, Yellow and Orange

• Wider grip area

• Grip texture

• Graphics area


The new finger lift is one of the major improvements: it’s now stand alone replaceable part.


Available in Black, Red, Orange and Yellow colors which is perfect to personalize the cartridge the way you want it.

Category: Odyssey


Showing off your gear and talent never looked better with Odyssey's Flight Zone® Series FZF5437T fold-out table stand. It's the perfect companion piece for the DJ who likes to go completely modular. Use it for a home studio set up or on stage. Made of all black laminate ply, aluminum valance edging, and steel hardware, this stand provides a clean professional appearance and is conveniently easy to set up or tear down.

Ortofon Slipmats
Category: Ortofon

Ortofon Slipmats

Our high quality slipmats are designed to be finest slipmats available on the market today. Made out of a smooth but strong material, our slipmats provide durability and will not scuff or damage vinyl. Each design is a limited edition and will not be reprinted once sold out!

Category: Odyssey

Our heavy duty ATA Live Sound Mixer and Console Cases can handle the harsh realities of life on tour as well as constant short haul transport.

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