Laserworld EL100RG Micro
Category: Laserworld

Low-priced laser for red and green star effects incl. remote control unit

Laserworld EL-160RGB Micro
Category: Laserworld

RGB star effect laser light system with stand-alone & sound-to-light mode with up to 160mW

Laserworld EL-200RGY
Category: Laserworld

Multi-color laser system for red, green and yellow laser effects with DMX, stand alone & sound-to-light mode

Laserworld EL-200RGB
Category: Laserworld

RGB laser system with a triple aperture for red, green and blue laser beams

Laserworld ES-400RGB
Category: Laserworld

Multi color RGB laser with ultra bright royal blue and fast 30kpps galvo system

Laserworld ES800S RGB 3D
Category: Laserworld

Strong 3D effect show laser with a wide deflection angle and double outlet

Laserworld CS-1000RGB MK2
Category: Laserworld

The Laserworld CS-1000RGB MKII is a full color RGB show laser system, runs in DMX, auto or music modes and has an ILDA interface for computer control. This laser projector has an output power of up to 1'000mW.

Laserworld DS900RGB
Category: Laserworld

Diode-only laser system with full analogue modulation, Sealed Housing Technology and many features.

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