F-7 Smaze
Category: Antari

The Antari F-7™ SMAZE is the ultimate hybrid touring atmospheric effect producing powerful arena size fog and haze effects. Features include a 9-position output fan, digital control, extra large storage area for dual fluid containers, all of which is contained in a durable road-case. With its switchable Fog and Faze mode, the machine is capable of producing strong, powerful fog or thin layer of haze to fill up the venue in minutes.

Equipped with our latest air pump technology enabling fine, dry fog production and also the self-cleaning feature.  The built in adjustable fan allows you to easily direct fog. Versatile control options include Wireless DMX, DMX, and stand alone, to meet any control needs. Designed into a road case making it tour ready, and allowing it to be transported with ease.

M7 RGBA LED Fog Machine
Category: Antari

The new high power Antari M7 with bright LED's built in lights up the jet of smoke as it shoots from the machine.

Mount it sideways or vertical without spilling fluid! Bright coloured effect built into this powerful fogger

S-100X Snow Machine
Category: Antari

With a newly-developed PCB and new advanced pump, the S100X can be even more reliable and generate 50% more snow outputs than its predecessors, S100II and S200. It can create both romantic snow and astonishing blizzard effects.

SL5-N Snow Liquid 5 Litre
Category: Antari

Antari is a world leading atmospheric effect company that specialises in smoke, haze, fog and bubble machines for global markets. Chances are, if you have owned a smoke machine in the past, regardless of the brand, it was most likely made or designed by Antari.


SL-5 Snow/Foam Liquid is designed for use in either a Snow Machine or the S-120 Foam Machine. SL-5 Snow liquid is a water-based formula that is safe, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable. The S-120 Foam Machine can only work with SL Liquid.


The 5 litre size is the same as the tank of SW-250, S-100II, S-200 and S-120.

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