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This fully adjustable staircase with folding design consists of 4 steps 300 x 800 mm and 2 modular handrails. The unique hinge design of the ECP-04 allows the adjustment of the stairs to different stage heights, making this stair system a very practical element. One stair can be used with stages from 70 cm to 130 cm high by simply adjusting the distance between the steps.

The ECP-04 reinforced stair has a folding design for easy transport and storage and is manufactured in sturdy steel (ST37-2 in accordance with DIN 2393 norm) coated with a textured anthracite grey paint (EPOXY) for maximum durability, professional appearance and outdoor use.

It comes complete with a set of two modular handrails (ref. PSA-03) made with Ø 30 mm tubular profile. They have 2 reinforcing bars and come with all connectors needed for a quick and reliable attachment to the stage.

ECP-04 Stair is composed of four modular steps of 30 x 80 cm covered with a weather resistant 21 mm thick panel (15 plies) made out of 100 % best quality Birch Plywood (WBP). It is specially designed for those applications where high wear resistance and good non-slip properties are required. The fact that this panel is made with 15 layers, makes it even more resistant.

Panel has gone through fireproof and waterproof treatments and is also highly resistant to weather and humidity, as well as commonly used chemicals, features that guarantee the highest resistance for both outdoor and indoor uses. Each layer of the panels is coated with phenolic resin and the top side has a wire mesh pattern printed thanks to a hot pressing process, which provides high non-slip properties.  The birch panel used meets the requirements of the following standards:

- SFS 2415 / type EXT                                                   
- DIN 68705 part 3 / type BFU 100 
- BS 6566 part 8 / type WBP                                         
- EN 314-2 / type EXT

So we can cater for all stage heights we manufacture the ECP stair in 2 standard models:

Ref. ECP-04: 4 steps 70 – 130 cm
Ref. ECP-06: 6 steps 90 – 180 cm

Note: custom made sizes available on request

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