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Company Profile

Rolling Thunder Distributors was established in 1998 by Owner and Director John Sideratos. With many years of experience in the music industry John began in the importation of DJ equipment. In 2001 Rolling Thunder Distributors expanded into the lighting industry and other specialist audio equipment as well as setting up a rental division which offered sound, lighting and staging, this gave us a fantastic platform to show how our products performed in the live industry to our clients .

Rolling Thunder Distributors 400m2 office and warehouse base is located in Cape Town from where products are distributed throughout Africa and South Africa. Rolling Thuder Distibutors is a Wholesale company representing a number of leading international brands and works closely with stores and rental companies involved in the Music industry.

Rolling Thunder Distributors has grown and evolved into one of the most prominent and respected South African DJ wholesaler’s in the marketplace today. Our sales staff take pride in our service and have the expertise in giving you the correct application and product for your event or need.